Mental Health Solutions is proud to be accredited by CARF – a national organization that establishes guidelines and high standards for quality care. CARF accreditation means that you can be assured that the care you receive meets or exceeds these standards.

What is CARF?

Founded in 1966, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality rehabilitation services. It does this by establishing standards of quality for organizations to use as guidelines in developing and offering their programs or services to consumers. CARF uses the standards to determine how well an organization is serving its consumers and how it can improve.

The CARF standards are developed with input from consumers, rehabilitation professionals, state and national organizations, and funders. Every year the standards are reviewed and new ones are developed to keep pace with changing conditions and current consumer needs.

What does it mean to be CARF Accredited?

When the service or program you choose is CARF-accredited, it means your provider has passed an in-depth review of its services. It is your assurance that the provider meets rigorous CARF guidelines for service and quality – a qualified endorsement that your provider conforms to nationally and internationally recognized service standards and is focused on delivering the most favorable results for you.

Choosing CARF-accredited programs gives you the assurance that:

• The programs actively involve consumers in selecting, planning, and using services.

• The organization’s programs have met consumer-focused, state-of-the-art international standards of performance.

• These standards were developed with the involvement and input of consumers.

• The organization is focused on assisting each consumer in achieving his or her chosen goals and outcomes.

Mental Health Solutions offers patients the highest level of standards of care.

To learn more about CARF, visit their website .